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Scar Characteristics

Different scars have different symptoms. Treatment is designed to target each of your symptoms e.g., if you have pain and itch, these 2 symptoms should be treated. Find common scar symptoms and how to treat them here.

Scar Gallery

Scars are caused by many things such as burns, surgery, trauma, cuts. Each cause of scar produces a different type of scar, each scar type needs different treatments. To help you know what treatments may be best for your scar, find a scar that looks most like yours here.

Find a Scar Specialist

It’s important to seek advice and treatment from practitioners who are experts in scars. Once you have a better understanding of what treatments your scar may need, you can find specialists who provide that treatment here.

Scar gallery: All scars are different, which is most similar to yours?

Photo of a hypertrophic scar on the arm


A hypertrophic scar is a cutaneous condition characterized by deposits of…

Photo of a burn scar on the leg


Burn scars are usually inevitable when the dermis…

Photo of a linear scar on the wrist


Linear scars can be divided in two groups:…

Photo of atrophic scars on the face


An atrophic scar looks sunken and has a…

Foto van een horizontale keloïde op de rug

Horizontal keloids

Horizontal keloids are an irregular superficial spread of hypertrophic…

Photo of a vertical keloid on the upper arm

Vertical keloids

Vertical keloids tend to be prominent in a vertical…

Photo of a small keloid on the arm

Small keloids

A small keloid is a focused raised, often itchy scar…

Scar characteristics: how does your scar look and feel?

















Scar treatments

Our aim

This website aims to give you an overview of the treatment options available to improve your scar(s). There are a wide variety of treatments that claim to be the ultimate solution which will make your scar disappear (unfortunately at this point in time, these are false promises). However, it is possible to considerably improve the look and feel of most scars. Every scar has its own story, often a scar needs several treatments and may need input from several experts. This website is your guide towards the best solution for your scar.


“What are my options?”

It can be really difficult for you to know what treatments can best help your scar, and what is possible. We have developed three ways to help make this easier for you.

1. What aspects or characteristics of your scar do you most want to improve? Click scar characteristics and find the common symptoms, see which treatments benefit those symptoms or characteristics.

2. The look of your scar can help guide you to what treatments are most likely to benefit you. Click on the scar gallery to find a scar most like yours and find the common treatments for this type of scar.

3. Click on the scar treatments and find out more about the various treatment options.


Very Important!

Do not act on your own. Consult a scar specialist to guide you on your journey towards healing.