Our aim & approach

Scars can cause physical discomfort and have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life and self-esteem.

Due to the physical and emotional burden of scars, many people are looking for treatment to reduce the appearance of their scars or even remove them altogether. Finding the right treatment and healthcare provider can be a challenging process because no single approach works for everyone.

It is difficult to know what information on the internet is reliable, and what is best for your specific scar. To help navigate this problem OSCARE has produced this website to help guide people with scars towards the right treatment. In the development of this website many studies and publications were examined to provide evidence based, reliable and comprehensive information. You can find possible treatments by searching according to the look and/or feel of your scar. The website is an evolving source of information and is updated regularly.

Please, do not consider this website to be a free ticket to self-healing. It is essential for you to see a scar expert who can examine your scar and advice you on the possibilities, pros and cons of various treatment options.

This project has been realized thanks to the support of various partners. These have no influence on the content of the website.