About Pain

Scar tissue pain is a common condition which can be acute or chronic. Scar pain is caused by damage to small skin nerves, or entrapment of a nerve in scar tissue. Scar pain after surgery can be due to a neuroma (an overgrowth of nerve tissue). Scar pain can be particularly common after operations to repair hernia’s or following surgery to the breast, lung, heart, kidney, and shoulder. Patients with scar tissue pain typically complain of neuropathic (nerve)pain, this may involve continuous pain alternating with sudden stabbing pains in the scar area. Some scar pain may start a number of months post-operatively, after a symptom free period. Scars can also suffer from altered sensation and can feel numb, have strange sensations (such as the sensation of spiders crawling) or be hypersensitive (pain/discomfort when the scar is touched in ways that would not normally be noticed, such as when touched by clothing). More common than nerve involvement is pain from the scar directly: inflamed, tight, dry and stuck scars can hurt especially if stretched. Medications may be prescribed for neuropathic pain and/or scar pain, please discuss the options with your doctor.

Treatment options for Pain

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  • Home Treatments: The major part of your scar treatment happens at home. There exists a wide variety of home treatments like pressure therapy, silicone, topicals etc…
  • Non Invasive Treatments: Several scar management techniques performed by scar specialist have proven their efficacy and will help you to improve your scar.
  • Minimally Invasive Treatments: These treatments have become increasingly popular over the last years. Highly visible results and short recuperation times are responsible for this popularity.
  • Surgery: Reconstructive surgery is often seen as the last option after all other treatment options have failed. However, with burn scars it is often a necessary measure.

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