Surgical Scar Revision

Annually, 200 million incisions (surgical cuts) are performed worldwide. The treatment of aesthetically unacceptable scars can be challenging, although several options are available. These options vary from non-invasive options to invasive scar revision. As there are lots of options along this spectrum it is important that you seek advice for your specific concerns from a surgeon specialised in scar.

Patients often see a plastic surgeon once they have tried lots of other non-invasive options. However, sometimes there are non-invasive options that could be more appropriate than surgery; again, an assessment by your scar specialist is important.

While various surgical options exist, all surgery carries risk and therefore a full assessment is important so that you can let the surgeon know what your concerns are. The surgeon can explain all the possible procedures, the pros and cons of each one and what can or can’t be achieved with surgery. Sometimes more than one surgery will be needed and follow up after surgery is also important.